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    How can you tell if you have gas in the oil?

    I did a oil check after my first 6 hours.

    Smells little like gas and not very thick and brownish.

    This this normal?

    On the Low Side but hard to read very liquid not thick.

    Check with a Cold Motor

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    Only a true oil analysis will give you scientific results. I just changed mine, and it's as thin as water and smells heavily of gas, like spilling it on your hands, after changing my oil I smelled like I just changed a fuel filter on a car, not an oil filter

    Slosh the used oil around in a bucket, if it splashes like water rather than oil, most likely is fuel. Smell is usally pretty obvious too.

    I've just sent out for a sampling kit like turbodave, see other threads

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    What if you were to take a teaspoon of the contaminated oil away from everything explosive and light it with a match, would it ignite?

    I am thinking out loud here

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    Just called for my kit today.

    IF I do have oil in my Gas could this explain why my ULTRA 250 is slower then everyone's elses?

    $13000 for a new ULTRA 250 and Riva Stage I (Minus Ride Plate and Intake Grate) I can putt around 62 to 63 and if I am lucky with a low tank of fuel I will hit over 65.

    If I had it my way I would love to RETURN EVERYTHING and get a full refund.

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    Check out the thread where the guy was asking all Ultra owners with gas in the oil problems to write to the USCG to make them aware of the problem and possibly make Kawi recall the defective skis. There is a form letter in the thread that can be used to notify the CG.

    The mods saw fit to "lock" the thread because of a spat between the writer and them. They might have moved it to the General section ??


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    If you can't find the form letter let me know..I have it in Office Word as a doc. file. I can shoot it to you! Email them AND send it in! It's important that we keep this going...they've got to take notice!

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    Let me get the test results but this a dumb question. How do I get the oil out for samples?

    If they come out with gas in the oil then I will be Pis### of# and send a letter out.

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    You can use the oil extractors such as the "OIL BOY" version..or you can use some other primal means of sucking it out with a very small and firm extractor hose. I'm sure you can even go to West Marine or Harbor Freight and get a manual siponing hose for cheap

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