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    03 gtx sc high rpm stumble??

    ok my 03 gtx sc with 185 hp is all stock.
    about 60 hrs.
    has been running great all summer, getting solid 7450 7550 rpm.
    today as i was flying along at full throttle was getting 7500 ish rpm
    it would kinda stumble and feel sluggish and drop to 7200 to 7300.
    this was subtle, but definitely took a few mph off, still ran real smooth.
    and after a few seconds it would jump back up to 7500.
    this would come and go anytime i was running WOT.
    felt like a surge and inverse surge type feeling...
    if that makes sense, just kinda slowed up a hint and then cleared up and ran strong again.
    any ideas?? should i run some techron through??
    does this sound like poor quality gas, or a SC clutch failing?
    i really dont unhook this ski alot, and we ride pretty gently, so i dont think theres alot of spinning on the SC clutch,
    what else can i try?
    oh yeah, no engine codes.

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    Your guesses are as good as mine. Intermittent problems drive me crazy with these things. First guess would be fuel (fresh, clean 92 octane from a reputable station) and/or filter, pump, regulator, etc. Next would be s/c. 03 uses a spring washer setup and it wears against the gear, causing slip. Have it checked out and if necessary rebuilt. Next would be electrical and that's where I get stuck. Then I found out that my crankshaft is walking back and forth causing internal parts to clang off of each other.
    Good luck figuring it out.

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    Lex, try the easiest solutions first. Mine was dooing that a few months ago and I put in new plugs. My plugs had 95 hours on them and looked OK. Problem solved... Ron

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    try the T.O.P.S... on an 03 they had issues..

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    update, seems to have cleared up.
    might have been bad gas, i will replace the plugs next spring as they are a few summers old.
    with cooler temps and dry air the ski was running 7600 rpms this weekend!!! wow

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