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Thread: Miles per tank

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    Miles per tank

    Ive done a few rides and was wondering what the rest of you were getting on a full tank.

    At about 35miles i hit half tank and about 55miles its reading ..screaming empty...
    thats on and off WOT cruising up the open river... maybe averaging 35mph...

    BTW i ran 89 octane from the marina a few times and the performance seemed to run the same....compared to the 93 i usually run..why?

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    64 miles Sunday cruising at 50+ maybe 3-5 miles at WOT. on low fuel buzzer around 62miles

    Should be around 14 gallons to refill to the top of the fill neck.

    Both my ultras get around the same or are almost identical
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    I have the R&D fuel extender, I have done 82 miles on a tank, went 23 miles after the buzzer till it ran completly out, that was measured by a GPS., that was alot of 6500 + rpms , and probably 15 to 20 miles of WOT.Refeuled with 22.12 gallons.

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    Rode 45 miles yesterday used 13 gallons mostly cruising w/ some short WOT bursts. I seem to get right around 3.5 mpg. I think I could squeeze 70 out of a full tank but that would be pushing it..
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    About 60-70 is what i get (w/o deck mounted tanks)

    I wish they still had reserve switches.

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    55 to 69 till warning light!

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