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    IC Block off plate - install help??

    And I thought this would be the easiest part to install ... I was able to pull out my stock intercooler without pulling the intake - just wiggled it and it came right out. After that I transferred a gasket from the stock intercooler to the block off plate and tried to put that in. NO GO!!

    WTF??? I switched IC gaskets (O-rings), greased them, tried again, just no way in hell to get the block off plate on. Without the gasket, it slides right in, but I need to get it in with the gasket/o-ring. Help?? How did the rest of you get the damn block off plate + o-ring pushed into the intake manifold??

    Also, the IC plumbing from PPG does not line up exactly perfectly ... I need longer rubber tubing connectors to make it work, especially with the Riva air intake. Anybody else have this problem?? Sources for the rubber tubing??

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    i was unable to push my blockoff plate all the way in, but was able to get the clamp on it and once you start tightening the clamp it sucks the block off plate in.

    i had no issues installing the plumbing. just gotta fight with it a little.

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    Vern, I am definately going to ditch the Riva plastic intake tube. It was designed to provide a good air/fuel ratio for the STOCK ECU. The RR racing ECU pumps more fuel into the motor, so we need more air for optimum performance. I am going to use the stock elbow hose to attach to the SC and get a 3 inch/4inch plumbing adapter (the stock elbow hose is 3 inch diameter). I'm going looking for a 4 inch diameter flexible hose, and I am going to run it all the way to the front of the hull and attach the Riva filter on the end (if it fits). This should help the air/fuel ratio and provide mor RPM's.

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    Mine were to short also. Fortunately, I ordered the stainless exhaust tube and utilized the old rubber exhaust tube to manufacture the needed pieces.


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