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    ultra 150 only running 20 mph in water

    I have a 2000 ultra 150 that is running 20 mph max in the water. I replaced all spark plugs and nothing happens. It seems like when you unplug the 2 of 3 the spark plugs when it is running the motor changes idle and 1 of than nothing happens. the 1 nothing happens has no oil on the plug. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks

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    Sounds like your running on two cyl. You need to do a compression test and test for spark. If compression is low then pull the heads and look at your pistons. Let me know what you see.

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    how do you test for spark?

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    To test for spark, just pull the plug and ground it to the engine and crank it. You should see a blue spark. Just make sure that there are no gas fumes present while testing.

    If you don't have a compression gauge, you can get one for around $20 at most automotive supplyy stores. I am guessing that you have lost a piston.

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    Axgrinder is right, check the compression, bet you blew a cylinder. You can also check and see if the cylinder is warm when runnning, if not you have a problem. Check below the engine and see if there are any metal fragments, if so, you have punched a hole in the bottom of the crankcase. This usually occurs when your oil line srings a leak an you end up with no oil in that cylinder.

    Let us know what you find.

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