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    Can my GPS be wrong?

    Well I was out this past weekend with my cousins watercrafting. They have two 07 rxps so of corse I had to see how they preform. We lined them up a couple times with the same results. One rxp beat me out of the hole and held his lead to top speed and I beat the other one out of the hole and held to top speed but top end on all three was the same. We tried going both directions on the river and never showed over 65.9 mph on fumes. From what I read, A stock RXP is supposed to run 68-69 as is my 03 stage 1 with 3 degree key, reed stuffers and head planed. I don't have a tiny tach, but I'm showing 7200 on the stock one. I beginning to think my gps is out some. The temp was around 80 degrees and water around 75. What do you think? Donald

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    all the rxp's we tested here(gps. texas) at 518 ft altitude ran 67 to 68.3 mph.....if your running the stock prop thats whats holding you back 14/21 dynafly is what I run when temps hit 100 deg.

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    I've got a 13/20 setback on. Donald

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    thought i was in the 4-tec forum for a minute

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    Your gps can be wrong-- i always run 2 gps units together and they are always different- sometimes up to 1+ mph.

    You are right, stock rxp should run right around 67-70 @ 8100 rpms. You are not turning enough rpms for whatever reason. Could be wear ring or a number of other things.

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    No, the rpm I posted was on my GPR. Donald

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    one of my GPS units is consistently about 1 mph slower then my stalker radar gun. the other is "usually" .5mph within the gun.

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