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    Cracked Frame ( Re Welding )

    Hey sup guys. I have a question about my frame. I ride BMX. And I notice a crack on my top tube near the head tube, around the weld. Look at the pictures. I'm asking a question to a person who knows about welding and stuff. I believe its 100% chromoly. If someone re welded that crack, will it be safe? will it be as strong as before? is there more of a chance that it might crack again. Anyone with welding experience and just knowladge on welding cracks.

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    That's what all the cool kids who ride bikes go to. they sould be able to help more than here probably.

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    you can re-weld that crack...use an er80es rod ,tig weld process, if you were in dallas I would fix it for you.....if you are hard on this bike you might want whoever welds it to weld crack then put a saddle over welded area .make sure saddle has a v shape with point running down top of frame tig this saddle wont have anymore problems till the next weakest area shows up...

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    thanks guys

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    if done right welding is amazing, strong as can be. whenever i weld anything i always hit it with a 10pd sledge hammer hard as i can to make sure it will hold.

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