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    1/4 Mile Numbers for GP1300 and 1200R

    Anyone know the numbers for this? I have never seen them posted and I am curious. Trap speed? Time?

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    I've wondered this myself but I think 1/8 mile times would look much better. A ski that only runs 75-80mph probably will not have a good 1/4 mile time.

    My SS trailblazer has been 7.50 at 85mph in the 1/8. But I think my ski could beat it

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    Hope Kerry doesn't mind me posting this, but its the only information I have reguarding the awesome acceleration of his 1300 tripple pipe ski. Keep in mind our ski's are now big bore and running 10mph faster so ET's are much quicker now. I would imagine 0-60mph are 3 seconds or less now.

    I looked up some of the stats for my boat for way back when we first put pipes and started with it.

    It breaks down like this.
    0 to 20 1.02 sec.
    20-30 .55
    30-50 1.01

    0 to 30 1.57
    0 to 60 3.34
    0 to 79 7.6
    Top speed 80.81
    It is stronger now for sure but haven't put it on the stats in a long time.

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