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    Best way to remove JB Weld, epoxy

    If you use a welding stick it can cut through epoxy like butter. They are like 20-30 dollars at Home Depot/Lowes. I have the one with the orange handle and I use the chisel attachment. Let it get nice and hot and it will push right through the epoxy.

    I accidently epoxied my coolant screw when I knife edged the transom
    The welding stick got me to it in no time

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    I knew you`d get into trouble with that damn JB weld! ... ...PR...

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    I meant solder gun, not welding stick.
    Something like this with a chisel attachment.

    Let it get real hot and the epoxy turns to crumbs when you touch it. It will also crack it.

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    I was wondering what was ment by "welding stick"

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