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    Power to Amp on upgraded stereo

    Those of you who have upgraded or added an Amp to your stereo, did you hook the power dirrect to the + terminal on your battery, or utilize the "Perko" switch? I just got a battery tender and my battery was so low it has been charging for 48h and still not in trickle/maintain mode.. I never leave the switch on after running, and try to be good about not running the stereo for long periods w/o running the motor.. Currently I wired dirrect, but I am thinking this might be drawing current while the boat is at rest. Should I move the cable hook up so that the switch can function as it should?

    Thanks in advance,


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    DJames.....I connected my amp directly to the + battery terminal, and the remote turn on to the radio (usually blue cables). I have had it this way since April and have had no issues with the battery.

    The amp should only draw power when the circuit is completed, and this usually happens when the remote turn on is powered (usually directly from the radio).

    Hope this helps....

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    OK, this is exactly how mine is hooked up, so I guess there is not a need to change.. Thanks. With the Battery Tender any worries of a dead battery at launch should be put to rest anyway..


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