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    Spark Plugs, missfire ?

    I don't know much about spark plugs / engine except on how to replace them. I have a stupid question.

    If you have a spark plug not working how do you know ?
    Is it possible one of the spark plugs is bad and you could only have 2 cylinders working ? Would the engine not start if a spark plug was bad.

    I put in IXU-27 last season and have 40 hours on them. I wouldn't think I need to replace them but I also left them in during winter without foggin and pulling them out (unless the dealership did)

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    Well let me give you the experience I just had on my 04 RXP with 35 hours:

    The guy I bought it from had done the basic maintenance but had never changed the plugs or anything like that. I had had this problem with the ski since purchase where it wouldn;t want to rev up from being cold (maybe only 6k) and then suddenly it would catch and haul ass. It would also do this if it sat for a few minutes. Then I got out on the water after installing most of a Riva Stage I and it did the same thing again but it never kicked on over and rev'd out. I turned it off and upon cranking it back up it would barely rev 3200r's...

    Put it on the trailer and it was sluggish and backfiring. Jerry and I were both convinced it was the SC clutch but when I pulled the cluth it was in great shape (was slipping a little low but nothing that would have caused this problem). I put a set of the Denso's in it and the problem totally disappeared...

    If a plug goes you'll know it because the engine won't rev out...or will run spastic...

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    Cool I don't need new plugs yet!!
    I was hitting 8150 in less than 2 secs.
    I'm going to order some though and prob replace at 100hrs.

    Thanks for the tip!!

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