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    Lost OEM SC Bearing,question for others who did also

    I lost at least a couple of the stock ball bearings on my SC. When it happened, I lost power and heard metal on metal noise. Shut it down within 2 minutes. It's cleened up and back together with a new SC (S3 thanks Miamirider). I fired it up and it sounds good so far. I am going to change the oil and filter. Jerry suggests pulling the front oil pump to check for debris and on its condition. Jerry says "its easy". But everything is easy for Jerry. I know the damage the ceramics can do, but I thought I read when this happened to others they did not find debris or damge to the oil pumps. I guess I am really trying to avoid pulling the oil pump, I sure am not going to pull the engine. I would like to know what others have found when this happened to them and if I have to pull the front oil pump, how easy is it really since I can't see 3 of the 6 bolts and there looks to be very little room to work up there.

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    I think this may have been answered in the other bearing thread

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