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    From the Factory

    I just picked up my 2 new '06 RXP's and wanted to know if the are shipped from the factory to the dealership with oil already in the motor? Sounds like a stupid question but the dealership sold me oil for my first oil change i wanna do at 3hrs. and sold me FULL SYNTHETIC 5/30, and the manual calls for 10/30 NON-SYNTHETIC. I just wanna make sure that they didnt put full synthetic in my new ski's during the time they had them to prep them for pick-up. Also, do i really need an oil catch can for my intake?? any info would help!!! -thanx-

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    yup they are...just check it to make sure its at the right level and then take them out and have fun...make sure to break them in properly!

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    Yeah mine came with oil from the factory….well at least that’s what I was led 2 believe from the dealer….I asked that question too.

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    Am I getting this right!? The dealer sold you oil in advance, to change the oil yourself!? and after 3 hours.

    What does your owners manual say?
    Maybe BRP changed something or re-designed the SC clutch, I always thought not to run synth, and the first service was to be performed at 10 hours!???...PR...

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    look they already stroked him off with synthetic why not 3 hour oil change.

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