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Thread: Clicked out!

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    Clicked out!

    I have looked and looked for some place that sells Polaris performance parts with no luck. Are we the black sheep of pwc's?

    Since I now know I need to replace my 1050 I started looking for some hp stuff and all I can find is some oem parts. Should I not worry about hp stuff for the Polaris and just buy one of the 1050's I found from a supporting vendor?

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    Like what are you looking for? Impellers, ride plates and intake grates are found pretty easily. Engine parts can be found from or you can have things like cylinders ported and cases stuffed from places like, Sharp's Marine, and prob Performance reeds can be had at many vendors. What specifically are you looking for?

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    Yeup, tons of performance goodies available, just ask.

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    Well I know I need a motor now and can fet one new for 1100 with a 2 year. What I wonder is if I can and is it worth just buying (pump gas 92) a built motor. I read the 1050 has 115 hp, what kinda gains in hp and mph could i expect with say a set of ported heads and a over bore on the sleves. I dont what stuffed cases means. After reading about the different exaust mods I dont if I wana change them. looking at all the post I see the 700's can have lots done to them but nothing on a 1050 build up unless I didnt go back far enough.

    I also worry about tunning the beast with all the different places to jet. O man its giving me a headach............why cant they be like a small block chevy!

    Is a 96 sltx even worth trying to make go fast???????? I dont mean 55 fast I want 65's 70's what I realy want is 100 I guess thats dreaming.

    I have found the inpellers and plates so many different kinds out there I get lost.

    Is there any post on the therys of plates and inpellers?

    I cant find any sticker packages for my ski either.......not oem stickers but some cool ones.

    Thanx for all you guys have done for me I wouldnt have made it this far without this site!

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    O yea I forgot something.........I want to change the colors of the handlebar pad thing and the glove box and the grap rail on the back. I have a fast teal boat and wife hates teal and those parts on my ski are teal......I want purple or orange. Last nite I found some orange air cleaners on this board and now I cant find them! ring a bell?
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    Check out the List Your Mods Thread.

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    Thanx beer now I have a realy bad headach! J/K . I would guess theres alot of money wraped up in those mods.

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    Ok I called all those guys and the only one that could help was wat con. He says he would be glad to rebuild it for me but no one has one ready to ship me and everyone says stay away from the sbt's i think is the name. They say the are cheap builds and theres no way to presure test them without all my parts.

    I got the skinny one my of the oil lines broke and it sucked water into that carb and nuked the front piston. Does that sound like it could happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StLRivRat View Post
    I got the skinny one my of the oil lines broke and it sucked water into that carb and nuked the front piston. Does that sound like it could happen?
    Sounds very unlikely to me

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    Is the 1200 a 1050 stroked or bored?

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