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    Is this a good project? Please HELP!

    I've been looking at used skiis for a while.
    I just found a project ski,
    1996 Hurricane with hurt motor.
    The forward piston does not move when I turn the output shaft. It's not seized. It's a very clean ski with approx 100 hours.
    What is something like this worth with a single trailer?
    Is this a good project ski?
    I have lots of 2 cycle motocross experience, but limited I getting in over my head?

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    The front piston doesn't move. That's scary. Broken rod maybe? Is there any visual damage to the engine cases. You'll have to rebuild the entire engine. It's gonna cost a lot more than slapping in a new top end. I paid $300 for a 96 Cane with a single trailer and the motor came in two boxes. It needs a crank, plus a top end kit. I also scored a 96 Hurricane for $400 without a trailer. It needed electrical work. I added a starter, bendix drive, flywheel cover, circuit board and a CDI. Now she runs. I like cheap projects and collect most of my parts off of ebay during the winter months. I figure I got around $600 in the running cane at the most. Anything can be fixed. It just depends on how much money you want to throw at it. Buy Low and Fix for Cheap.

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    Thanks for the input and advise!
    He wants $800 for it with an old rusty single trailer.
    Seems a little steep to me.
    I'm still working on him to drop his price expectations!

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    cranks are pricey

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    The rod is definitely broken, and more than likely, the case is too. I've yet to see a rod break and not take out the case...or at least crack it. Both are pricey items to replace.

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    Sound a great project, mine just cost me 2600 usd to fix, this included

    full crank rebuild
    full gasket sets
    carb rebuild
    top end rings and bores
    stater motor
    and a host of other stuff, mine did include stripping and repainting or powder coating every item on the ski, so the extra cost came in there, I would deffo do it again if i could find another cane in the uk,


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    unless its ment on the outside , dont even let em think about it

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    unless its ment on the outside , i dont know 700s are pretty cheap if you shop right ,

    but ask your self this do you want a really bad as ski you can turn anywhere with ?

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