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    Need some info for waterbox mod

    i have a 2005 rxp with riva ic, riva intake, riva grate, 2006 sc with vortec impeller and les clutch washers, pump by skat trak with triple bearings and stainless wear ring, skat trak reduction nozzles, rr racing ecu, riva thru hull exhaust, ride plate holes block off, riva thermostat kit, riva pro seies block off kit, riva sponson (all the way up),riva high flow hood with intake mod. So my question is about what to do with the temp sensor? i am also adding a/f sensor on the goose neck.

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    Take the sensor out, and plug off the hole in the pipe. Zip tie it to the hose that comes off the bottom of the coolant bottle.

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    nice mods! what are your gps numbers. Riva has the high flow intake hood out ?

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    i was at 77.2 mph without waterbox mod nor the pump mods, i am repitching my impeller again to see.

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