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    how are the riva top-loader grates? do they really help keep you hooked in the rough?

    im thinking about getting a top loader grate from riva. does anyone have them? and they must be really simple to install, just a few bolts?

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    I have one and it slowed me down a little but keeps me hooked up most of the time compared to stock BIG difference. 4 Bolts, make sure you heat up the old ones as BRP used lock tite on them and they may (WILL) break otherwise then that is a major paini in the Arse..

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    what would i use to heat it up a dryer? and would I be putting loc-tite on the new one then too?

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    My advice is DO NOT use heat. Many people tend to over heat the bolts which cause the brass insert in the pump support to break free and spin.

    Just use steady even pressure on the ratchet. If it feels like its tightening up just run the bolt back in a bit and then try to back it out again. Take your time and you will be fine.

    Don't forget, you get all the Riva parts thru me at a 10% discount when using the greenhulk coupon code while checking out.


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    And when installing use blue loctite and just snug them up carefully , let the locktite do it's thing, particularly the outside bolts.

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