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Thread: cat/con

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    how can i see if theres one in my gp 1300 and if how many hours do they last thanks in advance

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    Unless you know of a d-plate being installed on your GPR, you'll probably still have the cat-con. Checking it out means removing the computer, battery bucket, exhaust pipe shield, and exhaust pipe... it's a hour or two job, even for the mechanically un-inclined. Look around on the site for links to the GPR service manuals.

    I've read about cat-cons failing anywhere from 10 hours of use to 80+, but it seems that they usually fail somehow at around 50 hours. Mine failed at 55... at least, that's when the exhaust overheat light started yelling at me, and when I tore the pipe down to check out the problem, the catalytic material had completely come OUT of its housing and was lodged further down the pipe.

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    Do you still have a temp sensor in the middle of the pipe ? If it was removed then you have a d-plate. Other than that you have to pull the pipe.

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    The cat in my 03 went at 75 hours. The honeycomb didnt break apart. The entire round center section with honeycomb intact broke away from the outer ring and turned sideways about 2". Gotta love those 8 ft waves

    I have 96 hours on my 06, still running the cat with no problems, but I will change to d-plate this winter when I do the other mods that I have to remove pipe for anyway. We've been wave jumping pretty heavily the last 2 months.The cat may not make it til winter.

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    i have an 03 gpr. Thanksgiving morning i was out. And @ 101 hours my exhaust temp warning came on for the first looks like i will be starting my winter project early. Including a jetworks kit.race filter, freeflow.i am going with the jetworks O plate and chip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobbyq View Post
    how can i see if theres one in my gp 1300 and if how many hours do they last thanks in advance
    Here is the stinger removal how to. Once removed, you can look inside and see if there is a catcon or d-plate or o-plate. the catcon is a honeycomb cylinder peice

    Here is the microfishe

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    do youself a bug favor and remove that cat and install a d plate. its pretty easy to insatll and ull save yourself from the heat warning commin on and possibly a blown up motor.

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    my cat was goot at 25hours.. But i still removed it

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    Mine was still good at 26 hours and I removed it.

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    well I have 50 hours on mine and it`s going soon!!!

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