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    Ultra 250x Manufacturing Defect - UPDATE 2


    After receiving an email from Kawasaki's David Armstrong and a subsequent telephone conversation with Mr. Armstrong, Kawasaki is denying any manufacturing defect and asserts the problem is the result of running the craft at WOT. I will be initiating civil proccedings against Kawasaki's interests accordingly and will update the post subsequent to filing.


    Legal Counsel
    Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. (Legal Department)
    9950 Jeronimo Road
    Irvine, California 92618-2084
    (Orange County)
    Telephone: 949-770-0400
    Fax: 949-460-5601

    DONALD J. KOPROWSKI. (Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary) Born 1942;admitted to bar, 1967, Wisconsin, California, Illinois and Minnesota;registered to practice before U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Education:University of Notre Dame (B.S.); University of Wisconsin-Madison (J.D.).Member: Orange County and American Bar Associations; State Bar of California;American Corporate Counsel Association. Email:

    Dear Mr. Bowman,

    I have investigated your reported issue of fuel contaminating the crankcase oil. I can confirm that we are aware that a number of customers are experiencing this. Overwhelmingly, these customers run their units at wide open throttle during the engine break-in period and before the piston rings have had a chance to seat properly. The so-called "blow-by" is the result of supercharging and high engine rpms. Eventually, the condition will resolve itself; but, until then, more frequent oil changes will be necessary. Additionally, during such period of extreme use, the oil level will need to be monitored more closely. If the oil level rises too high, there may be a decrease in engine performance and a higher potential for spark plug fouling. Alternatively, owners can follow the break-in instructions contained in the Owner's Manual. We have determined that this condition is not due to a defect in materials or manufacturing, but is a customer usage based issue.

    I have spoken with Riva's Service Manager, and he has confirmed that the compression and leakdown rates for your engine are normal. Therefore, I suspect that you are among the group of owner's who engage in prolonged operation at maximum rpm. I appreciate your concerns, and I assure you that Kawasaki is committed to standing behind the quality and durability of our products. We will repair or replace any product that exhibits a defect in materials or workmanship. However, the issue that you describe is not due to a manufacturing defect, but is an inherent design characteristic of the product, given the manner in which it is being operated.

    I expect that, ultimately, the rings will seat and the blow-by issue will resolve itself. In the meantime, I anticipate that your dealer will bring any warrantable problem to our attention. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

    Legal Counsel
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    Computer control break-in

    Why don't they use the bike equiped computer to control the rpms during the break-in period?Mercury outboards and others use this method on the top end motors!(They know this will happen!)

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    Any authorized dealer should be able to tell if the rpm and speed exceeded the manufacturers break in requirements by checking the computer.
    How many hours does Kawasaki expect a ski to have before it will stop diluting the oil with fuel? Are they implying that no one should run these skis at wide open throttle for more than a few seconds, even after break in?


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    Quote Originally Posted by way2fast View Post
    Any authorized dealer should be able to tell if the rpm and speed exceeded the manufacturers break in requirements by checking the computer.
    How many hours does Kawasaki expect a ski to have before it will stop diluting the oil with fuel? Are they implying that no one should run these skis at wide open throttle for more than a few seconds, even after break in?


    No, I think he is saying that you are not supposed to WOT during the breakin. It was 10, now it's 20 and then it was 50!

    Well, I for one never ran my ski at WOT during break-in...and I am having the gas in oil problem..but I only have 16 hours on mine.

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    doesn't the owners manual say 5 hours ??

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    We are all screwed......might as well get used to it. There will be no recall, there will be no factory help on this. My unit does it...I DID NOT BREAK IT IN RIGHT.

    Thats how the cookie crumbles I guess....OOPS, MY BAD!

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    don't expect the manufacturer to step up, I don't think any of them would in similar situations.

    the owners manual says 5 hour break in

    Note that I followed the manual to the tee and I too have the blow by issue. That said I do run my craft at WOT for extended periods of time, however I did not do so during breakin.

    So, bottom line buy an oil extractor and change your oil every 7-10 hours depending on fuel dilution.

    I run the expensive stuff / full synthetic so it is costly for me - but hey, it is what it is.

    I have a friend that uses Castrol 10/40 motorycle engine oil that you can get cheap at Pep Boys... buy by the gallon - his logic is that since he is changing so frequently, he doesn't need to buy the expensive stuff. This is another option......

    Good luck everybody

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    So is Kawi implying that all 250s with that problem were abused during breakin? Sucks for those that didn't abuse their 250s and are experiencing gas in the oil.

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    B***Sh*t excuse!!!

    I did not break in my unit right either .i already have 60 hrs on my unit and after a few oil changes still have fuel in the oil...soo what kind of nonsense is this we can run our skis @ wot now?? IT IS A HIGH PERFOMANCE SKI!!!!!!

    this is just a BS excuse for them to avoid the problem.....and by the way after 60 hrs the pistons rings should have set by now!!!

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    I have followed the break in and maintenance instruction to the tee to the point of being consider an AH. Every time I take my ski out and bring it back in I have more oil then what I started with. I have used every tip/trick referenced on this forum to make sure I am measuring the oil level properly. I have switch to M1 full synthetic thinking it might help with the added protection and it has not. I have about 5 hours on it and it needs changed again. Going to wait till after this Labor Day weekend where I am sure it will need an oil change after a few days on the lake. Disappointed this is happening but, things could be worse.

    The ski has not spent a day in the shop and I have been able to use it whenever I wanted.


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