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    Engine fine, won't move

    My 1995 SL 750 moves through the water fine at idle speed, but when you give it the gas, the engine revs up fine, but it doesn't go faster. It's like there something stripped, or like back in the old days with outboard motors, a sheer pin broke. Any ideas where I should start?

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    Could be two things:

    1- You have weeds / garbage stuck in your intake grate.

    2- The driveshaft splines stripped in the pump end or engine side (happened to me). You can remove that little cover near the PTO end of the engine. Run it and look to see if the shaft slips relative to the coupler. Make sure to grease the coupler regularly as it tends to wear out.

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    I had that happen to me this year a couple of times. Each time, it was a piece of wood on my prop. It made it through the grate and impailled on one of the prop blades.

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