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    spark plugs and vibrations on 93 SL 750

    Question 1: I was just reading thru the clymer manual and came across the types of plugs used on 92-93 models and 94-on They state that 92-93 models use NGK BR8ES and 94-on models use NGK BPR7ES. My 93 SL 750 has the BPR7ES on them is that OK to have or should I change them to the origanal spec plugs. The ski has not been moded everything is Factory.

    Question 2: I am getting vibrations somewhere in the rear of the ski would the impeller or ware ring cause this I did notice a ding on one of the blades but not sure if that would cause, or could it be the bushing and seal housing? Also when watching the drive shaft where it goes into the boot you could see it move back and forth with accellaration is this normal?

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    The manual we have in the Tech Section shows BPR7ES plugs for all SL750's.
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    Run the 8's as they are cooler. Vibration can be from loose motor mounts, an engine out of alignment, bad pump bearings, or a pretty dinged up impeller.

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