After assembling my engine over at Billie's(RX951) with my Hot Rods crankshaft, and replacement cylinder from OzarkGPR, and a new head, I'm finally ready to drop it in my ski!

Billie fell in LOVE with my crank, I had to beat him off of it with a stick!
Thanks for all the help dude!

I still need to go through my carbs, and get a "real" block plate

If you guys have any suggestions or want to make sure I remembered something, feel free to shout out.

Step 1: engine on the hoist (yes I'm hanging from a tree)

Here's where I put on my temporary block plate.

Exaust manifold stud installation

Step 2: Drop the engine in
I kept track of the location of the original shims, here's some pics of the shims installed.

Exaust manifold gasket (The little tit points to the MAG end of the engine)

Here's the tit

Step 3: Install the exaust manifold
Make sure you put the 4 long bolts in the manifold before sliding it down into the hull

Step 4: Attach the accessories
Install the YPVS cable, the PTO zerk bracket, the PTO cover, and 2 of the 3 wiring harnesses

Well all that's left is the Oil injection block plate, and go through and install my carbs, then I can finish the install.. More to come later

(I don't get paid again until Friday, so if anyone's got a block plate I can have ready to install by this weekend I'd be grateful..If not, it's R&D for me)

Suggestions and Opinions appreciated!