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Thread: 44s leaking?

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    44s leaking?

    I just put 44s on my 780 with tripple pipes and it really rich, If I run it around a 1/4 throttle it starts loading up and if you look in the carbs Im getting gas dripping from the main jets. The gas lines are hooked up right. I have gas coming out the return hose (So thats not pluged, checked the return jet) Also check pop-off pressure and the needle and seats are not leaking.(when tested) Jets are,125 lows, mains 95
    Could it still be the needle and seats? I did unhook the temp senser, Does that need to be grounded? The mfd is not blinking. What do you think?Thanks

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    After speaking with Ph20 about a hi volume fuel pump I installed, it's possible the return restrictor is too small. You may need a larger orifice on the return line restrictor, especially with the dual fuel pumps the carbs have. Randy at Watcon did respond once about it, but never said how to test for the proper sized restrictor. What was the pop off reading just for curiosity sake?

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    The pop-off is 24-25
    I might try a bigger jet in the return, Seems like a good place to start ( alot better than pulling the carbs ) Thanks

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    if your dribbling, you can raise the popoff, and I also like to doiuble up on the flapper under the kidney inside the carbs.

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    Having the same issue with some Mikunis...I've come to the conclusion that its either the check valves not sealing correctly or the fuel pressure is too high.

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    I had it happen on one of my 780 carbs. So I changed the needle and seat and it stopped. I found it when I checked pop off. But on the 44s I cant see anything leaking when checking pop off. The carb are really clean so I didnt rebuild them.

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    I took out the jet in the return line ( it was a 55 ) and ran it. It was alot better. but, would still leak threw the high speed jet. I going to try needle and seats.

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    If there's anything I can check out on this PSI ski with the 44's,just ask and I'll look

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    I know some guys don't like to take the time but you really need to know your fuel pressure in order to get your jetting correct........unless of course somebody else has done your homework for you BUT even then, different temp, altitudes etc. will effect your final jetting.
    Idle should be roughly 2 pounds and WOT 4-6 pounds. If you're up at say 6 pounds during idle, that fuel pressure is going to push past the needle/seat assemblies.
    Remember if you use double flapper valves to stop the dribble at idle you will more than likely need to jet richer.

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    How do you check fuel presser. Do you just tee in on the feed line with a gauge?

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