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    Trailers ! What now?

    Ok so I finally decided to work on my trailers while I wait on my engine parts to arrive.
    Me and a buddy have trailers that were pretty dumpy. We cleaned them up, put new wheels and tires on, bearing buddies, new tongues, new safety chains, new light kits etc. Now its time to put some bunks on.

    Neither one of us have done this before. I picked up some pressure treated 2x4's and some carpet along with some bunk brackets (non swivel type).
    We cut the boards for his SLH to 5' and 6' for my virage. Got them carpeted no problem.

    Well the first thing we noticed after bolting everything together is that the brackets don't want to hold the weight of an empy slt hull. The bunks kind of cripple and fall over. Even with the bolts really tight.

    1. - should the brackets use 2 bolts each to the frame and just stay straight up and not angled ?

    Looking from the rear this is how I have it now \ /
    Should I just make them straight like so I I

    2. - what is the best way to set the height and width of the bunks? Very hard to do with the ski on them. Do you try to jack it up and make adjustments as needed?

    Anyone have a link to a picture of a trailer and the way its setup ?
    The only ones I see have skis on them and you cannot really see anything.


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    Trailer bunks

    Locate your bunks 1' - 3' outside the ride plate depending on your PWC, Mine are 13" inside to inside surface. Set the angle to match the hull as you stated \ / not ll. Support the bunks no more than 48" between supports. Attach two screws or bolts to the bunk at each support. Good lucck.

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