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    Oops... lost key???

    Someone (me) lost our magnetic key. Unfortunately, the reader still works on our Ultra and it is stuck in the off position. Is there anyway to bypass this?

    Also, I know there are 10+ key combos. How do I order the correct replacement? Can they order based on HIN or some other way?


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    Not sure about using the hull number but if you pull the switch out it has a number on it like "3019" that is the key number you need. The keys are around $30 at the dealer.

    Good luck,


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    How difficult is it to pull the key assembly? Is their a quick way to find the number? Thanks.

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    I read on another forum that there is a "bypass" method. The local dealer will need to order a key, which is fine, but I want to use the ski this upcoming long weekend.

    Anybody have a "bypass" for the key?


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    Take out the switch then carefully pry the bottom out there are 4 or 5 pins and springs inside, take them out and reassemble. It should then work without a key just use your fingers to turn it on and off. That should work on your ultra or the stx they use the same switch. I have never had a key to my stx.
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    Thanks all for the advice. I took a different method... we bought about 10 keys from the local dealer and tried them all. Luckily, one fit and we returned the rest.

    I will remember the disable method if it happens again. Someone else told me to write down the key number on your title. That way, you will always know what it is...

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    The switch went bad on my brothers 150, so the PO just put a jumper into the lead cable. Never had a problem yet with this.

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    The keys are numbered. If you look on the switch underside by removing the glove box, you should be able to see the stamped number. Get the same number key from the dealer and it will work. The number is also stamped on the key. It might be a good idea to write it down for future reference. This way you don't have to buy like 12 different keys and see which one works.

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