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    starting problem, help needed!!!

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been doing some reading here at the Polaris forum trying to figure out what went wrong with my 2000 Virage (700 twin, single carb).
    The ski engine top was rebuilt recently. It was all right for a month or so after that.
    This is what I have now:
    The ski starts more or less ok when cold. I pull the choke, push start button, the engine turns as if it wants to start. Then I push the choke back in and try to start. It starts all right and works ok on any amount of throttle. Idles fine when warmed up. If I stop the engine – that’s it. I try to start, the engine starts for half a second and dies with a wobbling sound as soon as I give it any throttle. Few times like that and it won’t start at all until I drain the battery. In half an hour or so I have to get to a “cold engine procedure” playing with choke as if it was cold again.
    First, I thought it was electrical problem, because MFD kept maxing out and resetting when trying to start unsuccessfully. I checked all connections, fuses, battery fully charged, resistances checked. Everything OK except there was no red/purple to orange jumper on the CDI (do you think that could be it? I have a single Start/stop button and starter kicks in ok…) Then, I cleaned the carburetor and played with the low end adjuster screw on it. Didn’t do any good either. I am a complete newby at this. Been following directions on this website for troubleshooting and now I am running out of ideas what to look for and how to fix this. Thanks in advance,


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    What is the Battery voltage while cranking? It must be at least 10.6 while cranking.

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    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    The voltage is what puzzled me from the beginning. MFD showing 8.5 -9.5 V when cranking (short?). Tried 2 more different fully charged batteries. Showing same voltage. When it starts, it goes up to 12.5 - 12.7V as normal. If the voltage is not enough for the ignition to fire, why does it start and then dies when hitting throttle?

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    I think he meant the terminal volatge,
    mfd voltage will be real low when cranking due to voltage drop - measure with a voltmeter directly off the batt. terminals.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    You need to check your voltage with a volt meter while cranking as mentioned by Beerdart. Your MFD might nit be reading battery voltage right.

    Have you varified that you have spark when it wont start?

    Let us know what you find.

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    Here it is: It is showing 10.3-10.4 V when cranking. I had a jumper to a battery off my car and it didn't do much good either, it spiked up to 10.7 V sometimes. That is when the engine was trying to show some life. When it did, the voltage went up to 11.7 V and went dead after I hit throttle. I checked spark plugs. Good spark when cranking. What could cause low voltage? The battery is freshly charged, the car battery is fine too.

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