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    Replacing nylon hose clamps/ties

    Sure could use some expertise on this one.

    I have our ski's ready for paint come Monday...I think it would have been easier dismantling a locomotive than these Ultras! lol
    I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to connect the smaller bleed lines out the side hulls where the little plastic nylon tie straps are. They appear to have been put on with some kind of hand held gun..they are pretty tight and the ends cut off..
    Do they make ss hose clamps this small or should I just replace the same type of strap? And if I use the nylon straps can they be tightened securely with just your hand? Thanks

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    The nylon ties are pretty good for that application (not alot of pressure) and you can use duck bill pliers or needle nose to tighten up.

    You might also use SS tie wire, but if barb is plastic, you need to use care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBaron View Post
    Yes! Thanks..I knew these had to be put on with some kind of gun...I'll call them first thing Monday..
    Thanks for taking the time to share that.


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