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    185 HP GTX SC with RXP intake and IC...

    I`ve been doing some testing recently: A while back I installed a RXP intake manifold and stock IC into my 04 GTX SC. The ski ran strong. Over the past few months from cool weather to summer`s heat I noticed a SC "step in" or slight lag when accelerating from 5800-6000rpms to WOT, something like when it would reach those rpm`s and then after 6000r`s take off like mad!!!. before the RXP intake install the acceleration was strong but very smooth pull, not like you hit the nitrous ( ) button and whamo your gone. There always seemed to be a transition between those rpms, that I have`nt experienced before this mod.

    short time ago I installed a 12\20 prop. accel and speed are better and went from hitting the limiter with the stock prop to 7500-7550 with this 4 blade. Since I was still running the stock air box, I decided to install this R&D air filter kit I had on the shelf. With that mod I gained my rpm`s back to 7600 in the heat. good thing!

    so now with my recent testing, and thinking how restrictive the stock IC is and not really knowing if the RXP intake and stock IC did anything, I removed the IC, installed a IC block-off, installed the red water reducer disc and took out the yellow one. Oil level good, rebuilt SC had approx 25 hours since rebuilt and has metal washers, wear ring good, prop good, full tank of fuel and everything in check, I`m down to 7400 rpm BUT, acceleration is smooth decent pull, I don`t feel any "lag", "step in" compared to when the IC was in... ...

    air temp: 76
    water temp: 75
    Humidity 80-90%.
    conditions: glass to slight ripple - perfect
    64+- @ 7400 WOT...

    So do you think the IC/ manifold made a difference?
    I`m going to test again on a cooler day and note results...PR...
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    after reading how the IC block-off leaks, I removed mine and reinstalled it with a heavier amount of silicone. I did find it to have sufficient sealing, the contact pattern was good, so I don`t think this is my 200 rpm loss...PR...

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