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    Question 951 best head mod

    Any suggestions on best head for a 951? I've done a lot of research and it appears the after market heads with replaceable domes all leak water sooner or later. Who does the best milling on stock head to bring up compression a little. I was considering a Miller head with 49cc domes, any thoughts?

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    I've used the Miller, ADA, & Rossier heads & they are worked fine for me. No leakage at the o-rings. Your cylinders/sleeves need to be in good condition of course.

    Miller makes at least two different 49cc domes for his 951 head (for stock pistons). 49cc domes with a tighter squish & the 49cc PG (pump gas) domes with a looser squish.

    For milling a stock head I would contact Group K.

    Dan (drb)

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    I picked an XPL with blown engine that had a Hot Products(Miller) head. Bolted it on with used orings. Best deal I ever got. No stupid head gaskets if need to remove for any reason. Two years and not a leak one. I have the early 49cc domes with 0.050" squish. Works fines with premium fuel. I can still go down to 47cc without any worries. For cutting stock head, PPG is world famous like several others around that offer the work.

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    I've run a lot of them on friends boats. The "o" rings heads are all fine but if you can not find one Group K's mod kicks ass.

    Well worth the $100 or so, but you still use a head gasket. If you are going to be pulling the head more than once get a "Miller" type head.

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