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    2000 Polaris Pro 1200

    The ski was running rough. We changed the stator. It would crank but wouldn't stay running. While sitting in the water it took on water and got into the black box. Clean it out, very rusty, changed the fuse board. Now can't get spark on the plugs. I haven't been able to find a book on this one like I can on 92 to 97. Any suggestions?

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    Have you verified spark to the plugs?

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    I do not have spark at the plugs. Engine turns over great. I am worried when water got into the box it also was in the engine and possibly ruined the stator. That we replaced to begin with.

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    Using a volt meter, what is your battery voltage while cranking? Needs to be 10+ volts for the CDI to fire.

    I would double check all of the connections in the electrical box.

    Test the stator (yes I know that it is new but it's an easy test. Just need to rule it out. Especially if you put the stator in before you changed out the rusty terminal board).

    Let us know what you find.

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    The battery is at 12.12. I checked for spark again and had it on the 1st plug. I checked all of them and now they do not have spark. I guess intermitent firing?

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