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    08 changes ok for prior year models?

    Thanks again Jerry for the excellent write up and great pics.

    Couple initial questions for those of us that may look at "updating" our prior year models.

    1. Would the upgraded grate fit an 06' model RXT and if so, would you recommend that over an existing after-market grate currently available?

    2. Is the entire supercharger housing new (will it fit prior year engines if so), or just the impeller? Will this new impeller fit a prior year s/c housing and if so, would you recommend it over an existing after-market option?

    3. You mention a retro-fit kit from SeaDoo for prior year models superchargers. Given the new oiling system, will this kit replace the shaft and washers? Entire supercharger unit?

    I do not want to make changes to ECU, injectors, etc...

    Just curious about making the supercharger more dependable and as long as it will be pulled anyway, about changes that may make sense for the impeller or overall replacement with the 08 s/c.

    Intake grate is also something that would be an easy upgrade.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    Lots to learn in a hurry from everyone's posts.

    Sounds like....

    1. This new grate may aid in keeping the ski hooked up, but with a fairly significant sacrifice to top end speed. What current aftermarket grate would you guys recommend for an 06 RXT to improve hook-up, yet not scrub too much speed?

    2. Sounds like at least part of the s/c housing is new and larger to incorporate new impeller. For existing 06 RXT, if pulling the s/c anyway for the retro-fit kit, would you upgrade the wheel as well (keeping ECU and injectors stock)?

    3. Says the oil inlet "may" not make production. Assuming it does, what kind of service interval for slip point adjustment would you expect? Would these new washers if bathed in oil hold up longer without need for shims/adjustment as often?

    Thanks guys!

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