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    Battery tender and/or upgrade??

    I recently upgraded the stereo system on my 05 SCIC and am a bit nervous about the drain it will place on my battery when anchored and listening to tunes w/o the motor running.. I am looking into a battery tender so at least I know the battery is at full charge before heading to the lake. Which model tender/charger would you recommend? Also, if I were to consider a battery upgrade, what would my options be if any? I wanted to go with a 2nd battery and get the Perko switch that can switch from 1, 2 or both, but my dealer had no idea what I was talking about and it looks like adding a 2nd would be a major deal, perhaps a real high quality deep cycle marine would be more than enough.

    Any insights would be appreciated,


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    I love my Battery Tender:

    Sorry, no insight on a battery, but if you've got an '05 that hasn't been tendered, it's a good thing you're looking into a new one.

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    Thanks VX1, can I ask where you bought it?


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    Just online through the link I posted. Definitely one of those items that pays for itself. The $40 model has been plenty to keep mine fully charged.

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    Much appreciated, got one on the way..


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    If you decide to upgrade the battery, get an Optima Blue Top. I can't remember the exact model number, but I have not had any issues since dropping that in my Sportster SCIC. They are expensive, but worth every penny.

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    Yep, Battery Tender is the way to go. If my ski is not in the water it's on the Tender. Never had a battery problem in 2 years. I think it will extend the life of our batteries. Mine is hooked up all the time when not riding.

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