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    1998 Sea-Doo SPX

    What is the easiest way to gain some more speed and I would like to make my machine sound alittle meaner. A ny suggestions

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    Really though add compression flame arrestors, 85/88 nozzle combo, 17/22 swirl prop after that you get into serious mods

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    I'm going to assume it's totaly stock.

    Maybe not the easiest but the cheapest gains to wake up that ski for under $10:

    1. modify flame arrestor - remove the F/A element from the cage its in and take out all but the cource mesh one fine mesh piece and reinstall. (remove 5-6 fine layers)

    2. rejet carbs by changing LS jet to 75 and an 80 gram spring in each. ($5-$10)

    This is a MUST and not a performance mod;
    3. clean the carbs, filters and replace all tempo fuel lines. I like Gates fuel line ($20) and Thomas & Betts zipties w/ the stainless insert ($13). clean the fuel selector and tank.

    You will see great gains for a little change.

    BONUS - for that last 1MPH run the boat with no intake grate. ($...priceless)

    Good Luck,

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    Fly filters and rejet

    75pilots, stock spring, 2.0 n&S
    145 mains, Remove choke plates and install primer.
    High speed screw ar 1/2 turn out
    Low speed screws about 1 1/8th turn out

    Head with 44cc domes 180 comp.

    Solas XO prop and R&D 85-88 nozzles.

    This will make you smile.

    If still not enough you can steep it up to a Factory pipe specII


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