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    Silicone to seal up the ski

    I got west marine white silicone to seal up the intake and ride plate. It is mid strength. For some reason they didn't have any clear silicone that was mid strength and could be used under water. I assume that we have to use silicone that can be used under water. If not, I could go to walmart and buy some stuff there. My dealer of course said that it doesn't matter if it says you can use it under water or not. Sounds like another line of BS from my dealer.

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    I got your message. Anyway, after receiving it back. I haven't notice any speed change. My top speed is only 64.7 mph with the pump wedge. I wasn't able to record my top speed when I first got the ski so there is no comparison between now and before. Iím beginning to hear vibration from the back of my ski. I think I need to go back and redo the silicone and line everything up. Iím using the RTV clear silicone from AutoZone. It bond to other silicone and works well under water.

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