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    yikes ! hole in pump tunnel

    Going wide open doing a speed run last weekend and the mighty 1300 just died.
    No restart, pulled seat and water coming in !. Got it pulled to shore, loaded and 2 hours later it was dried out lubed and running.
    looked underneath and didn't see anything. Hmmmm?
    pulled intake, ok, ride plate ok. shoe oh oh, the area on the right side behind the side of the shoe had a chunk missing and the gel coat area where the pump would fit into was open.
    I check all the inserts and they are solid and fine, no other damage apparent from an impact, nor is the shoe scuffed or gouged indicating a collision with anything. pretty weird !

    I epoxied the damage inside and out. Tonight i am going to said both areas and add another epoxy layer then do the fibreglass reinforcement over the pump tunnel and sides. I'm confindent all will be fine, just thought is was a very strange failure.
    If anyone has any thoughts i'd be glad to hear them..
    sorry for lack of pictures , the camera died.

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    I STRONGLY advise you to pull your head and look at your #3 cylinder before you put it back in the water!

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    i can do that, but after I got the engine pumped out, wd40'd , pumped out, oiled, and a restarted, it ran great. let it sit for and hour and restarted again with no hint of any problems. the entire process from engine stoppage to restart was about 2 hours....
    what am i looking for?

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    I'd recommend running it on the hose for a while say 20 minutes if ya dont get the moisture out it can cause bearing failure thats the key to the 2 stroke engine. It can appear to run fine but once the bearings rust it WILL come apart. The reason for pulling the heads is to inpect the pistons{all 3} for any damage water can tend to beat up the pistons. I'd do a compression check 1st if ok then run it on the hose.

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    You need to run that thing NOW for as long as possible to get it good and hot! Your biggest worry is water/condensation in the crankcase causing the crank to rust, then it's a time bomb.

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    Did you get any pictures of the damaged area yet? I have not heard of a failure in this location.

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    Sorry, no i didn't.
    i got it epoxied yesterday and i'll do the glass tonight.
    i am baffled on this break.
    it makes me wonder if this was a weak spot in the mold on this particular hull.
    i know it won't leak again!

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    do a search their are pics of my pump tunnel blow out on here somewhere, and pics of the repair for that matter

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    That sucks...keep us updated.
    Just wondering, how old is your ski and what mods/speed are you running?

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