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    Carrier Bearing

    Well, got to work on the SLT780 this weekend. On Friday I received the Carrier Bearing ( used) from NewJetSolutions for $60.00 bucks. It looked almost brand new. Installed it and drive shaft, lubed everything and fired it up noticed the display did not come on but thanks to GREEN HULK FORUMS remembered someone had mentioned the fuse in the electrical box. Changed the blown fuse and the display works. My only problem before sticking it in the water is the kill switch seems to have a problem. You can start the engine without a key and the stop button does nothing. Had to disconnect the battery to shut it down. Hope to troubleshoot next week because WORK is taking me out of town this weekend. Once I cure the problem and get it in the water I will let you guys know!!!

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    It sounds like your stop/run switch is bad. I think it should be a NO contact, so that when the lanyard is put in, it closes the circuit for the starter and CID unit. Make sure that someone hasn't jumpered this for some insane reason. But likely the switch is stuck.

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