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    Rank the level of difficulty of Stage 1

    I will be first to admit I have not done much mechanics, never been intrested in "doing my own brakes" or such. Most of my working with hands has been in wood. Carpentery, Saws hammers and such.

    pretty sure i can fill rideplate holes, replaced the exhaust hose on my GSX last year, along with hydrotruff mats and seat cover but how difficult is putting on a Stage 1 for a novice mechanic. The impeller and air box appear to be the most difficult.

    I am great at following comprensive instructions but anal enough to get fustrated if they arent good enough.

    What would you that have done it rank the level of difficulty.

    how are the instructions?


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    If you have the patience to do Mats you can do the stage 1 install no problems.

    The Riva instructions are pretty good, the front bracket on the air intake is pain but not hard just awkward. If you are not sure about anything just have a look on here.

    The right tools also make the jobs much easier.

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    On a scale of 1 to 10 on the defficultly meter. I would place it on a 4.
    There is some wrenching involved, but it is all very simple. Things I would recommend having to help you out.

    Lock on garage door to keep wife out!

    OH and a vise to hold your pump to get the prop out. I take the
    allen wrench and place it in the vise and then set the pump on the allen wrench in its hole on the shaft then use impeller tool to get impeller off.

    I am almost certain there is someone in Dallas area that is on this forum that would hep, but I feel you would do just fine..

    P.S. To all I LOVE MY WIFEEEEEEE!!!!


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    My wife put the lock on the garage to keep me OUT of the house.

    The instructions are very clear; get the right tools, take your time, bag and tag everything, take pictures if necessary, look for tips that are posted in the technical forum and you'll doo fine.

    Because of time, I had to spread mine out over several weekends. I could've had it easily done it in one weekend without interruptions.

    Good luck with it, let us know how it goes!

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    Riva Stage 1(Im guessing, not RR S.1);
    1-10; 5
    It can be done with all common hand tools with the exception of the propeller, but the removal of the stock air intake was a P.I.T.A., not that it was very difficult it was just nerve-wrecking trying to manuver it out. Im sure you'll wont have any problem it you have a little patience.


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    any special tools needed ,what about the impeller. Locktite or other materials


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    I'm a complete mechanical idiot that hates working jet ski engines, and with a lot of help and advice from people on this board, I was able to get my ski to a Rotax Racing Stage I type setup.

    The Riva instructions suck. At least they did when Franko and I did mine. Seems like one step said: "Remove stock air intake..." That's one of the most tedious things I've done on my ski to date. Just make sure not to stretch/break any of the electrical wiring while getting it out. If you have a Saw-z-all, I would bring it along

    You do need some stuff for the pump. Back when I was used to swapping my props a lot, I wrote a how-to on this here:

    Hopefully it will help.

    By the way, I'm in the DFW area as well. Once you get that puppy up and running, let's go ride sometime.

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