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Thread: GP800R thrust

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    GP800R thrust

    Anyone know how many pounds of thrust a stock '01 GP800R made? I can find it for my '03 STX-R(904 lbs), but can't find anything on the Yam.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Don't know this off hand, but according to your user's manual, you should wear appropriate clothing or you may experience "significant trauma to your rectum and/or vagina."

    Just thought you should know that

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    Well, for real world numbers under operating pressure

    i.e.) for example A 1999 Kawi STX 1100 makes 803 pounds of thrust. A stock Kawi 15F makes 957 pounds of thrust.

    A modified GPR is probably making over 1000lbs of thrust if not more.

    I would "assume" that the GP8R makes in the area of 650-700 lbs of thrust +/- 15%

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