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    It's been 2 months...

    ...since I've been on the water. I got out sunday...I missed it.

    I found a couple a new riders on the SML that I haven't seen before. '07 RXT...white and red...pretty ski....he had just run a couple kids to Hales Ford Bridge...smoked'm pretty bad. They had just started a pow-wow with what looked like intentions of running back north. I cruised under the bridge and sort of...half assed around till they lined up and hit it...they were spread out a hundred yards apart as I eased into the throttle and hit it as they cleared my 9 o'clock...soon it was just the '07 and myself...I was gaining on him...slowly drawing to his 4 o'clock and maybe 50' to his right. I planned on letting him ride wide left around the first turn while I'da cut his six and walked away from him...didn't happen....way too much traffic for the manuver. We stopped and talked skis for a while.

    The '05 RXT w/ a rider, came outa Campers Paradise and ran past the mrs. I saw him and from across the lake, ate the distance up quick...passed the mrs also then slowly ran him down as well. At the end we stopped and talked for a bit.

    Here's the problem...

    I mentioned the SC washers to these guys and they had never heard of them or any problems. When I gave them this site...both looked at me like I was some perv or something. "Polite...reservation" how best to discribe the endings of both conversations.

    Now...just like on this board....just doing a solid...un-asked...but still genuine and honest.

    I dunno...maybe it's just me.

    GH...You got a couple business cards we could maybe hand out...couldn't hurt...could it?

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    GH's business cards are his stickers. I have mine on the back for one reason "This is why my ski is faster than yours"

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    No offense to GH...but uhh...I don't want any extra stickers on my AWA oval was bad enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrich View Post
    GH's business cards are his stickers. I have mine on the back for one reason "This is why my ski is faster than yours"
    My sticker is on my trailer. I guess that makes my trailer faster than yours.

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