I am in the process of sealing the pump shoe. The felt on mine is hanging out and is unsalvageable. I also ordered a new shoe due to the fact that both bolts on mine are now stripped the old bolts twisted off. I drilled them out and retapped them and was considering returning the new shoe I bought. I filled the area where the felt would go with silicone and smoothed it out and let it cure. I thought the new shoe would have these "felts" but does not appear to have them. Do i need to purchase new felts and put on the new shoe if i decide to use it, or can i fill these areas with silicone?

I am really considering using the old shoe since the new shoe doesnt have the felts already on it. Please advise what you would suggest. Everything i read on the seal kit says to make sure this felt is not damaged, but mine is and I dont have a replacement. Is it just as good to thicken the area with a silicone and let it cure? Then use fresh silicone in that area also when bolting the shoe back on. Seems to me this would seal it just as well. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks,