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    Suggestions on a nice long neck single PWC trailer for RXT

    Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

    Looking for long neck and something better then your average trailer. I have seen the tritons and the Karavan models etc....

    something that can hold up against ocean launching and not rust out

    Thanks for any suggestions....

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    Forgot about your Ocean launch requirement. Every Shorelandr I've seen was powdercoated. I think you would need something galvanized.

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    Load Rite. I personally don`t care for the Bandit series. I`m actually using one that is meant for a small John boat, BDT141000 , yeah the stealer slipped that past me . anyways I had to cut 20" off the tongue just to get the trailer ti fit in the garage.
    You can purchase a longer tongue/tube if the trailer is bolted together...PR...

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