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    IC water strainer

    I know someone posted that they had added this and it caused overheating. I believe they were using a grainger.
    It makes since to have a strainer though. Eventually an IC would get clogged.

    This article looked interesting.
    If flow was an issue maybe you could go to a 1.25 and use a 3/4 reducer.

    This one looks hardcore

    I like this too

    I could put this on the water to manifold connection. Then I'll always have a monitor on water cooling.

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    I've used these (and still do) with great success.

    (even if you don't get one from them, everybody should have this link)
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    the stock water intake for the intercooler and exhaust already has a strainer... it's on the pump... the black cap on the pump. if the debris gets through those strainer holes, it will make it through the intercooler.

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    Does it need to be cleaned ?
    Will it still make it through an aftermarket IC ?
    Is the bar and plate thing on the aftermarket IC a smaller route for the water ?

    Crazy do you ever find alot of junk in the strainer,maybe something that looks like it would jam up ?

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    It does exactly what it's supposed to do. I have had people tell me not to use them for years, swearing up & down that they would cause overheating and flow issues. That's never once been the case. Most times there's very little debri to be cleaned out. Keep in mind though that some of that depends on your riding conditions and area. I don't use it as a "I can ride anywhere because I have a strainer" type thing. I ride where I would as if I didn't have one, and just keep an eye on it.

    Last year while riding with a buddy, he ran up on a sand bar. Got him going again and continued down river for a mile or so and then said, "shit... he's got a strainer, better check it." I noticed that his pisser was still flowing full though. Pulled over and checked it and it was half full of river silt. Still flowing like a champ. Cleaned it and kept riding.

    Keep in mind also that we use these to filter all incoming water. We go from full on pump pressure, to valve, to strainer, and then to engine. Never a pressure related failure either. We need to as most of our rides are triple piped and using main jets as a metering devise for exhaust water, and one grain of sand could cause a coupler meltdown.

    Never once had a problem or failure. (fingers crossed and your milage may vary) lol....

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    i have the 3/4 jabsco on my rxt no problems with over heating. There is alot of stuff that gets by the filter on the pump jabsco catches everything.
    i did have problems with the riva i.c cloging up befor i install the filter, but never after.

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