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    99 Genesis - no spark??

    I have aquired a 99 Genesis that has been sitting for 3 years. And upon working getting it goig I have found i have no spark..... Check the std stuff and upon digging in the elec box I find that it is 1/3 full of you can imagne things in side are pretty correded. CB is shot, PVL controller was in water and the d-sub connector is rusty. So I belive this is at least one of the problems. Anyone know of a way to check this and or the CDI module to see if they are in fact good or bad. Engine was wintrize and has very good compresion. Unit only has 110 hrs on it.

    Open to any advise on were to start with the elec box.

    Tried Polaris, to get a new PVL controller, sorry no longer avalaible...

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Remove the electrical board and replace it. Clean all the rust on the connectors. Test the stator see tech section for procedure.

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    Would love to but I called Polaris and it is N/A

    P/N 4010171 Rev2, Know where I can find one?

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    Try Here. You get 10% off if you mention greenhulk.

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    Thanks for the advice. I spoke to them and it is obsolete.....So back to square one. I trying eBay to see waht i can find.

    If anyone has any other ideas I am open to suggetions?

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    tony did not look hard enough. that cdi is no loger but the cdi for the 2000 genesis is the one you will need to use. it has a better starting timing curve anyways. but the rest of the map is the same as your unit. Dont have the correct number but ask for the newer cdi.
    As far as how to test it nothing is listed but if you have anew battery and the board is clean from corrosion you can test the out put to the coils. Blk/white wire is the ground for the coils. blk/blue is the positive and the other wires yellow/brown, black/green like the blk/blue are the positive side of the cdi. any reading is a sign of good cdi and stator.

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