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    Trouble Shooting broken trim

    Anyone got any good tips for trouble shooting the non-functioning trim on a 95 SL 750. Maybe some common problems. I know it broke a few years back, and the trim switch was replaced.

    I'd planned to dig into it this winter, but if there are some simple things I could check now it'd be nice to get it working.


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    Put + and - to the motor wires and see if it spins. Flip the wires and it should spin the other way.

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    well, I guess that was a dumb question. I was thinking more along the lines if the motor seems to work fine. Isn't there some stuff inside the electrical box?

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    There are no fuses for the trim if that's what you were hoping for. If the motor seems to work, then what exactly is your problem? Remember, trim only operates when the ski is running.

    There are literally only 2 electrical components involved in trim operation, the trim switch and the trim motor. The MFD is also involved but only for trim position and has no bearing what so ever on trim operation.

    I would start with what beerdart said. Open the electrical box and pull the G/W and Blue/W wires that come from the trim motor. Get your jumper leads out and jumper 12v to G/W and jumper Blue/W to ground. If you get a huge spark, motor is shot. If it spins, then jumper it the other way. If the motor is good, it may be a bad trim switch or voltage regulator (LR23). But start with the motor first. I'll bet somethin's wrong with it. If you need a new trim switch assembly, I have one to sell.


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    anyone got a picture of a box opened up that shows what the LR23 voltage regulator is?

    I'll let you know if I need the switch Turk. thanks

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    You only have 1 voltage regulator in your elec box so it should be easy to find. It is attached to the elec board which is in the bottom half of the elec box. It is just a small rectangular plasitc thingy that should have 3 wires coming out from it. Y, R/PUR and OR. The schematic makes it look as if there are screw terminals exposed but there isn't, its just those 3 wires coming out from the black plastic rectangular voltage regulator.

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    sweet, thanks. is this part obtainable new, or do you have to find a used one somewhere?

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    Probably should have sent this to you before. Below is a link to with OEM diagram for the elec box and item 6 is your voltage regulator. You can buy new or used, but in my SL900, I just bypassed it and jumped 12v to the R/PUR and OR with inline fuse and switch so I manually switch my trim and bilge pump on before riding but I don't suggest this since this is a pain in the ass.

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