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    Ultra 250X Breaking Down :-(

    For three straight weekends my 250 had problems starting for a first 15 minutes on the water. The engine was shaking ready to jump out the ski, the super charger would be at its 100% just by itself and the ski would go 3 mph and not faster shaking and choking (barely 27 hours on it).

    The ski is for a second week at the dealership in service and they have no clue what is wrong with it. They are telling me everything looks good. I ma frustrated with the ski and the service beyond anything.

    Does anybody have the same symptoms or and idea what is going on with the 250?


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    Sounds like possibly plugs...

    Kinda sounds like a plug issue - hopefully your dealer is smarth enough to check that....but it wouldn't suprise me...

    My ski is in for its 3rd trip for service.... But this is the last time I take it - shes gone when she gets out this time. I have put a deposit on an RXT and will be picking it up when I am back from travel this week...

    All I can tell you is to continue to call Kawi and raise as much hell as you can...Continue to call hourly until you get a response you like... I did that all week last week and the have a Kawi tech coming to work on my ski....we will see.....

    Good Luck....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultra250x View Post
    Does anybody have the same symptoms or and idea what is going on with the 250?

    Sounds like you have debris caught in the prop.

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    Change your plugs

    Just do it

    Put in CR9EIX plugs or if you can't get those quick you can even get the CR9E. CR9E's won't last but they are cheap and you will know right away if the plugs are the problem.

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    Good idea Red...I wouldn't be spending a lot of time waiting on that dealer..they should have suspected it was the plugs already..

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