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Thread: Wet Suits???

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    Wet Suits???

    I am looking to get one but i dont know what im looking for. Could some one please help me. I dont know how good they are but ive seen the multiple layer suits and was interested in them. Do I go with the short sleave/shorts wetsuit or the full body? Looking to use it in the fall/spring time.

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    Paulz01: I see your in jersey, I have a O`neil shortie suit and a RipCurl full suit when is gets a bit chilly, and have Slippery neoprene shorts and Slippery rash gaurd for the summer.
    check out:
    you can also check out Ron Jons in LBI, and there is a good place in point Pleasant. ( can`t remember the name, ask Dr Len)...PR...
    Oh, and don`t forget about the 2 piece suit...called long john, it`s a jacket over a BIB type bottom...
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    You will really want a full suit and a shorty. With both you can ride pretty late into the season and get out early at the beginning.

    I have an Akona shorty and full and bought them both at
    My wife just bought a "Ron Jons" brand shorty at the beginning of spring and it seems pretty nice too.

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    Take a look at Leisure Pro, they have great deals but they might not have it in stock. Leisure Pro buys there goods off of dive shops selling out, because the dive shop trys to rip their costumers off. I have know of at least 6 dive shops. One of the shops (place I got my diving certification from) I know of, bitched about Leisure Pro but then again they only stayed open for 1 month, Leisure Pro bought out there stock when they closed down.

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