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    Dies sometimes when i hit a wake going fast

    i have a 95 sl750 that seems to be running VERY good. However,sometimes it will die when i hit a big wake and usually when i hit it at full throttle. it starts right back up fine. so it happens when the engine is under a load and then hits a wake. I rode for about 2 hours yesterday and it happened about 5 times.

    just wondering if anybody else has experienced this before.


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    Does the MFD go blank (or do ant thing else funky) when you are having these issues? Have you varified that all of your connections are tight in the electrical box?

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    Check the water seperator as well. The bouncing in the waves can mix any water back in with the gas and than the carbs suck up the water for a few minutes until it all seperates again.

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    Kill switch good and snug on its perch?

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    these are good suggestions. It is almost like the wake is shaking the gas out of the carbs because it fires right back up.

    i suspect the kill switch and the fuel delivery. i will check the seperator and all the hoses. and the mfd next time it happens.

    it puzzles me because it runs so good i cant imagine having a carb problem.

    thank you

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    OK, so you hit a wave and go air born. Does it die before you are in the air? Or die after you hit the water again? Do you back off the throttle when the ski comes out of the water?

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