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    01 XP replacing oil filter

    Probably a dumb question, but if I replace the oil filter, do I have to bleed the oil system. Also if someone could tell me when the reeds are bad, what are the symtoms, and are they hard to replace? Thanks.

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    not as long as there was oil still in the line going to the pump

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    In my opinion if your going to change the oil filter I'd wait until winter to do it. Unless you have a specific reason for changing it I wouldn't hurry...
    I changed mine last winter with 100 hours on the ski and not a single bit of debris was to be found on the filter.
    Also, if you do it over the winter then there will be plenty of time for the air bubble in the line to rise to the tank so you don't have to bleed anything.
    Personally, I think I wasted my time bending my arms in ways I've never bent them to get to the filter....

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