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    What is this mixture from the crankase vent?

    I actually can now see what flows thru the clear hose I put on my air filter kit. in the low spot, where the clear vinyl tubing hangs down, you can see fluid/mixture laying in the tube. It looks like gas/oil with water droplets in it. . Could this other liquid be water/condensation from when ski was warming up like automobiles do?...BUT then wouldn`t it turn the mixture milky???...PR...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrich View Post
    you won`t be able to see this inside the hose. I`ll have to drain it and find a suitable container for pics...PR...

    the other liquid is clear

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    OK, I found something to pour the mixture into:
    have a look, what is this seperated from the rest?
    also, this is from 2+- hours of riding, maybe one ounce, sound normal?...PR...
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    You are right PR, its a mix of fuel, oil and sometimes water. Not sure how the water gets in there. The more boost you run it seems like the more fuel that can get in there, a little blowbye perhaps

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    I have no way of knowing what the bubble is?...
    I think, I can`t remember how I did it, but you can take a piece of cardboard and pour the stuff onto it and I think the gas/oil will soak in and if there is water present it will roll off or form droplets... ...PR...

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    I get that much out of my catch can for every tank of gas. It makes an excellent weed killer. I sprinkle it on, and the weeds croak within the hour..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXP Steve View Post
    I get that much out of my catch can for every tank of gas. It makes an excellent weed killer. I sprinkle it on, and the weeds croak within the hour..
    Steve, that`s from a tankfull also! good tip, I`ll look for some weed ..PR...

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    I run that stuff back into the air intake to lube up the Sc wheel & throttle body. Mine always looked the same as that- like a gas / oil mix, pretty watery; though I never felt that there was any water in it.

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