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    Boarded by the Coast Gaurd

    While I was underway on the Delaware river yesterday looking for fellow GH members I was pulled over by the Coast gaurd. I could see that they had a very large vessel with a crane that lowered an inflatable into the water. It actually was pretty cool to see the ship. anyways I`m riding past them, and one of the gaurds motion me to stop, they get closer and reach out to hold my ski. They ask me if I have ever been borded and explain what they were doing. I looked at the 3 young guys and started to chuckle and replied are you guys on a training mission or exercise and they chuckled as well. When one of the gaurds looked at my hull and saw a "safe Vessel sticker" from the coast gaurd, the CG says well I guess your in good shape. They did check out my credentials, fire ext., vest, etc and we sat for about 25-30 mins BS`ing. They knew my neighbor who is stationed in Barnegat, and the re-tired Commodore who actually inspected my ski over at Crowleys... so it was all good. Glad they are looking out tho! ...PR...

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    You should have raced them.

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    How many CG did your ski take before it sunk ie Boarded JK

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